Family man, entertainer and jack of all trades with a lot of energy

Magic Dresi

Inspired by his father-in-law, who pulls everyone under his spell with his magic tricks at every family celebration, Andreas Lang locks himself in the attic for weeks and months.

There he practices and tests. There he scolds when something doesn't work out, and there he spends a total of over 1 year training tirelessly. First in front of the mirror, then in front of the family and finally in front of an ever larger audience.

In the Skyline Park he gets the big magic show, he is a permanent fixture at the V-Markt and after countless recommendations he appears almost everywhere in Bavaria and southern Germany.

Magic Dresi is constantly moving forward. The next step is Dubai now in 2021. His balloon creations and also the ventriloquist dolls are with him and he's ready for the glow of the children's eyes and the enthusiasm of the audience in Dubai. That's the drug that Magic Dresi can't get away from!